Kitchen design by Interior Fancies

New Home Design

Designing a reimagined homestead

The Challenge

Combining old and new

My client was building a new home and wanted to preserve the feeling of their previous home, a 150-year old farmhouse. In order to infuse this new space with historic charm, we researched period-specific architectural details including dormer window styles, fireplaces, mortar application in stone, pattern motifs for wallpaper and fabrics to make the space feel authentic and inviting.

The Result

A brand-new classic

During construction, we collaborated closely with the architect and builder and sourced refurbished hardware from all over the country, spec’d cabinetry that was period-appropriate and used reclaimed wood to create the feel of a century-old farmhouse, all the while incorporating new-home amenities and functionality.

The result is a brand-new space that feels like a generational homestead.

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